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Poster: c-freedom Date: Sep 28, 2019 9:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What if no Hunter?

The thing I would say about the Grateful Dead is to remember the era in which they played their music was at a time when musical styles and genres were collidng at a particular moment in time in U.S. history before divirging in different directions.
Then throw in the Psychedic rip into the time space continum. Where the shaman looks within and without simultaneously. CLOSED MY EYES TO SEE
Also one should remember the spiritual aspect of those times. I always go back to what WAVY sais about THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU IS YOUR BROTHER.
So while it is tempting to see GARCIA as the apex of the whole trip. I would rather say he was the ultimate representative of the era in that he continued to adhere to the values of those times long after those times had ceased to hold sway over the self absorbed generations that followed.
As far as musicianship except for some of the heartfelt ballads by 95 the GD were a mess and there was blame enough for everyone on that stage.
If Garcia had been able to switch over to strictly playing in the JGB perhaps he could have had a smoother transition into less touring in much the way that Phil holds court at his place. But like Weir make no mistake that Jerry was a road warrior.
As for Hunter I know so many Heads who didn't like the way Robert Hunter delivered his tunes but the key is they were his tunes.
I personally got a lot of insight into the GD by listening to Hunter perform!
The sum of the GD was greater than any one of it's members
but all it's members were essential to the chemistry of the band in each era of the 30 year run.